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Frequently Asked Crowd Control Questions

What makes you an Expert?

We have been in the Crowd Control business for over 20 years. During that time, we have and sold many products and brands which allowed us the opportunity to get to study the materials, features, and manufacturing methods in the industry. We understand that, like all business, you want the best quality product available at the lowest prices. Through our experience we have brought together a selection of durable, long lasting products that you can trust all at wholesale prices made possible by our direct from the factory relationships.

As Queue Management Solutions are our business, we have stayed up to date on best practices, new innovations, and current regulations in order to serve you better. We have a long list of satisfied clients who we have assisted along the way including NASA, Target, AT&T, the Mets, and Walmart. Our team of Experts are standing by to find the right Crowd Control System for you.

What is Crowd Control?

Crowd Control, also known as Queue Management, is the process of directing People Flow to ensure Safety in heavily trafficked environments. We offer a wide range of products to create Crowd Management Systems including Retractable Belt or Rope StanchionsWall Mount Barriers, and Traffic Control Barricades. Our affordable Queue Line Solutions are available for multiple industries including Airports, Banks and Retail checkout lines, Event Management such as red carpets, Movie Theaters, Museums, Arenas / Concessions, and for Industrial Worksite Safety.

What is a Stanchion?

We are often asked what are stanchions, or at times even stantions, and what are they used for. A Stanchion is an upright pole or post that can be either Fixed, Removable, or Portable with a method for connecting one Stanchion Post to another. The methods of connection include Retractable Belt Straps, Ropes, Chains, or Panels to create channels for Crowd Control Systems. Line posts come in a variety of materials including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Plastic for both Indoor and Outdoor use.

What are the differences between Barrier Post / Base materials?

Aluminum is an affordable, yet durable option available in multiple colors including black, yellow, or polished finishes that can be polished brass or silvery chrome plated. Stainless Steel is heavy duty, high quality material available in different grades of steel and finishes. We carry an economical 201 alloy and a long lasting 304 alloy for heavily trafficked areas, both are available polished or with a satin finish for additional luster. Plastic products are designed to be outdoors made from high density ABS.

What is the difference between the Economy and Premium lines?

We offer up to three different lines in each category to balance your quality vs. affordability needs. The Economy line is designed for low traffic areas, meaning they will not see as much wear and tear, with less material, finish, and color options available but lower prices. The Value line is designed for medium to high traffic areas but only available in the most popular combinations to get you the best possible prices based on volume. The Premium line is ready for the highest traffic situations meaning they can will stay looking and working great for years standing up to constant use. This line is available in with the most options and can even be customized upon request.

What makes a product good for Outdoor use?

The main driver for Outdoor use is material, followed by color options. Both Aluminum and Stainless Steel can be made Weatherproof or Weather Resistant, while Plastic is always ready for Outdoor conditions. The Economy line materials can be made Weather Resistant, which means they can stand up to wet conditions but are susceptible to rusting over long periods of exposure. However, the Premium line materials can be made Weatherproof which is rust resistant for extended Outdoor use. Base material also plays an important role. Outdoor models come with either an ABS base, typically in black, or Recycled Rubber that can either be solid or fillable with sand, water, or other such materials for stability. These bases can be used indoors as well, however many of our indoor models come with matching material bases such as polished Aluminum or Steel.

Another important factor for outdoor use is visibility, which is why our Outdoor models are available in vibrant colors such as yellow or high luster silver.

Do you offer permanent mounting options?

Permanent mounting options are available for most Queuing System Stanchions that we carry. Fixed bases are permanently attached to the floor and Removable bases have a socket permanently attached to the floor but the Line Post can be removed. Removable bases can be standard size sockets, Mini for reduced visual impact, or Magnetic bases for easier assembly / disassembly.

However, we prefer you contact our team of Crowd Control Experts as these options require more planning to ensure the correct Crowd Management Solution is chosen.

What type of Stanchion should I buy?

We carry a full line of Crowd Control Solutions to choose from, we understand the options can be daunting. The type of Stanchion you need is mainly based on your Industry, intended use, and budget.

  • Retractable Belt Stanchions are the most popular choice as they are easy to set up, maintain, and store (especially when adding options wheels to the base!) They come in many varieties including Single Line Belts, Dual Line Belts for ADA compliance, 3” Wide Belts for higher visibility, and Mini posts for displays.
  • Wall Mounted Retractable Belts are a great way to save space as they attach to a wall with a smaller footprint but provide maximum belt length. They are perfect for closing off a lane or doorway for safety, and can be attached permanently, made removable, or even Magnetic. Our wall mount belts can even be affixed to available portable stands.
  • Post & Rope Stanchions offer the same benefits as Retractable Belt Stanchions but with the added elegance of classic rope. Ropes are available in traditional colors in multiple materials and a variety of tops to achieve the style of your setting and event.

Our industry and category pages provide additional details, and our team of Crowd Control Experts are always ready to help.

Why different Belt Lengths and what should I purchase?

There are many belt lengths available in the market, all within a tight range from 7’ to 16’. Retractable Belt Stanchions can typically only handle up to 16’ foot Belts before they are subject to tipping / leaning or fast snap back, which is dangerous to your patrons. Belt length capability is determined by the Stanchion Base material and weight, our Economy lines have lighter bases and our Premium lines have heavier bases.

That said, the longer the belt the less stanchions you need. We have chosen models that are either 10’ for lower prices but more belt compared to many cheap Stanchions on the market, or 15’ for maximum belt length to cover larger areas. Note: we recommend to extend your belt at least 6’ to reduce stress on the mechanism, plan your Queue Management System wisely!

The models we have chosen have belts that are Compatible with most major brands.

What is Fast Snap Back?

Your Safety is our business. Retractable Belts are under a lot of tension to create a proper Traffic Control Barrier. When the belt end is released it can snap back to the Stanchion if there is no mechanism to control the speed. We have chosen models that have E-Z Back Technology which features the Safest and Quietest slow retracting belts on the market. All models also feature a safety lock to reduce the chance for unintended belt release.

This includes our Economy line, make sure to check competing products to ensure they include technology that will ensure the Safety of your patrons.

How do I stop my Stanchion from tipping or leaning?

Your satisfaction is our business too. That same belt tension, along with interaction with your staff and patrons, put stress on the Stanchion Post and Base. How the Crowd Control product is assembled, the post to base connection, impacts the ease to assemble and connection durability. We have chosen models that have EVERstraight® or EVERstraight® PRIME Technology. EVERstraight® PRIME features an innovative self-straightening pipe thread connection. EVERstraight® Technology features a 2.5″ thick threaded steel pipe that ensures posts remain straight for their lifetime. Both versions have an easy no tool assembly. If the post was ever to come loose you can easily re-tighten with a simple twist. No lifting the base or tools required, and the post is guaranteed not to lean even if loose.

What is ADA compliance?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities. In relation to Crowd Control Stanchions two main categories are visual impairment and the use of wheel chairs.

Any Crowd Control Barrier must be detectable by a person using a cane to find their way. Single Line Belts are too high to be detected so a Dual Line Retractable Belt is required.  Dual line belts also help keep children from easily ducking under your Line Management System.

The regulation also states that lanes formed by Crowd Control Barriers must be at least 36” wide for wheel chair access. This applies to 90 degree or less turns as well, however for greater than 90 degree turns, (180 degree, etc.) the distance must be at least 48” wide.

There are also fire safety compliance and crowd management regulations based on locality which speak to easy and safe evacuation practices. We offer products with Magnetic Breakaway Belt Ends. Other options are available as well so speak to a Crowd Control Expert today for more information.

Which type of rope should I buy?

There are many options when it comes to Crowd Control Ropes. The most popular is a Red Velvet Rope typically seen at museums, exhibits, theaters, shows, and events such as red carpets. Rope can be made in virtually any length. Our standard offering is 6’ for minimum spans, and 8’ for the maximum recommended span to keep Line Post integrity.

Velvet rope is a woven fabric with a cotton core made for bright colors and a soft feel.

  • We also offer a step-up Velour rope with a knitted fabric featuring a soft, plush feel.
  • Naugahyde is a leather-like material with a smooth, textured feel also with a cotton core.
  • Braided Poly Rope is an Outdoor rated, heavy duty plastic heat resistant material.
  • Microfiber Rope is a premium quality material made to be softer, more durable, and easier to keep clean than other materials. It is also the easiest to customize in terms of color and printing options.
  • Plastic Chain and Chain Link are Outdoor rated lightweight materials that can be offered in any length.

How do I assemble my Stanchion?

Most of our products are shipped knocked down to save on shipping cost. We have chosen products that are not only durable and long lasting, but made for easy and fast assembly. You simply place the base on the floor, then twist the post into the base. No tools are ever required and they come apart just as easily for multiple storage options. Belts and tops are pre-assembled. In many cases the Retractable Belt comes with the belt lock on. If you have trouble connecting one Stanchion to another check the little red tab under the Belt End to ensure it is not already locked. Crowd Control Ropes simply attach to the post loops by a switch or hook end.

How can I store my Stanchions?

We sell a variety of Storage Carts to hold assembled or disassembled Stanchions. Bases feature built-in rubber floor protectors to prevent scuffing. They are also evenly spaced out to allow air and moisture to escape protecting your floors and keeping the Stanchion clean.

How do I add a sign to my Stanchion?

We sell a variety of signs, panels, and toppers for Stanchions to help direct Queue Traffic Flow, improve patron experience, and help advertise brands. Most signs easily attached through an adapter that fits over the top of the Stanchion.

How do I replace a Retractable Belt?

There are many reasons to replace a Retractable Belt or other Stanchion Part. We sell a variety of replacement parts and accessories to help customize or increase the life of your purchase. Most methods are model specific, please see the product page for details or contact a Crowd Control Expert for assistance.

How do I maintain my Stanchion?

The best way to extend the life of your Stanchion is to choose the proper model for your use based on the amount of traffic it will see or if you need to use it Outdoors. For Retractable Belt models make sure to keep Belts retracted, or with at least 6’ of extension to maintain proper tension in the belt mechanism. Stanchions can be periodically wiped clean with a soft cloth to keep their factory shine.

Will you customize my order or offer large quantity discounts?

Yes! We offer many standard options to customize your purchase and a wide assortment of bundles to save you money. Additional customization options and quantity discounts are available, contact a Crowd Control Expert today for more information.

How can I minimize wait times, increase interaction on lines, and / or maximize my available space?

While there are some general best practices to follow, most answers are industry and customer specific. We have additional information on industry applications on our Industry pages. For the best answer to this question, contact a Crowd Control Expert for a personalized people flow solution today!

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